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Rates & Fees

Commission Rates & Service Fees

$19.95 for stock transactions up to 2000 shares*
$1.50 per contract w/ $34.95 transaction minimum for Equity and Index Option Transactions
$50 costs for Broker Assisted Trades
Active Trader rates available for those accounts that qualify
$19.95 Commission on ALL option exercise/assignments plus $0.020/shares over 2000
$19.95 for Mutual Funds after first 2 trades plus any additional loads or fees
Futures are $3.99 per contract plus exchange fees
$25 Inactivity Fees
$25 IRA Maintenance Fees below $50,000
No load-Mutual funds purchase $50 for first $20,000 $100 for next $20,000 $300 for $50,000 or more
No load-Mutual funds sell order $19.95
No fee for brokerage account transfers-ACAT
Free Check Writing & ACH Services
Free Real Time Streaming Quotes
Real-time account data including positions, balances, activity, and order status, all at your fingertips
Extended Hours Trading for both Pre Market & Post Market
No additional cost for limit orders, stop orders, stop limit orders, trailing stops™, open orders, contingency orders, or
even complex orders
No miscellaneous service or handling charges added to transaction costs

Advisory Services Fees:

Account Value Annual Fee*
First $100,000 .75 of one percent (basis points)
Next 400,000 .50 of one percent (50 basis points)
Additional Assets above $500,000 .35 of one percent (35 basis points)

If the client chooses to implement Gospich Advisors advice through a dedicated brokerage account, the fee will be deducted from the assets to be invested or needs to be paid up-front as a percentage of the asset being invested.

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