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Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services - Wealth Management

Families and individuals with significant means grapple with a variety of often conflicting goals when making wealth management decisions and the greater the wealth, the more complex the questions and investment vehicles.

Frequently, clients come to us with wealth management questions because something big has happened. A business has been sold, vested stock options have been exercised, wealth has been inherited, or retirement is imminent. Events like these can change one’s financial views and even alter one’s goals.

Regardless of why a client needs a wealth management plan, we understand that there are emotional as well as financial aspects to the decisions we help our clients make. With that in mind, we approach wealth management on several levels by:

Working with each client-and, if desired, with his or her other professional advisors-to develop a wealth management plan for each investment vehicle and for the entire family portfolio.
Managing each portfolio with attention to its tax status and purpose.
Systematically rebalancing each vehicle and the whole portfolio to retain the desired risk level and return potential.
Continuously monitoring all investment plans and results, adjusting them when necessary.

Most important, we recognize that planning decisions must be dynamic, subject to evolution as clients grow older, as children reach adulthood, and as circumstances or the markets change.

Our personalized approach to wealth management helps to answer the complex questions that come with wealth and ensures that each client’s plan meets his or her specific needs. Contact a Financial Advisor today to discuss your wealth management needs.

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