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Group Insurance

Group Insurance

Gospich Advisors, LLC provides a number of products for employees benefits.

Basic Term Life: One year renewable group term life insurance that provides a scheduled benefit amount or multiple of pay to an employee’s beneficiary in the event of the employee’s death.
Supplemental Term Life: Employee-pay-all (voluntary) protection that offers employees additional amounts of group life with portability (portability feature subject to state availability).
Dependent Term Life: A voluntary enhancement to life plans that offers employees the opportunity to purchase group term life insurance for their spouses and/or dependent children at group rates.
Long Term Disability & Short Term Disability: Provide solutions to help employers reduce the impact of employee disability.
Dental Insurance: A dental benefit plan is a highly appreciated employee benefit.  It relieves employees from financial burdens. 
Long Term Care: Most Long Term Care Insurance Policies cover: Home Health Care, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Care, Hospice Care, Nursing Home Facilities....

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