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About Us

About Us

Gospich Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor working with individual investors and businesses on their investments to achieve targeted return desired depending on their financial goals and objectives. In addition to the fee based investment services that Gospich Advisors provides through asset management services or customized brokerage portfolios, brokerage services and/or insurance products are also available.

Our Process - Investment Advisory Services

Gospich Advisors takes personal and financial information from clients. Such as,
-client’s objectives and financial goals,
-a review of the client’s assets, liability, income and expenses,

The information is used by Gospich Advisors, LLC to create an individual personal financial profile for the client. Based upon this profile, Gospich Advisors, LLC makes a series of financial advice suggestions and recommends certain types of investment products. The client is able to make choices in regard to such matters as risk tolerance and time horizon. The client is presented with basic information and expected evolution of the portfolios to approximate the desired investment strategy.

Clients with the help of their investment advisor can explore different scenarios in connection with a financial goal based asset management use of historical asset class performance. Hypothetical portfolio is not intended to project or predict the present or the future value of actual investments or actual portfolio holdings or actual future income. Instead, it provides a general idea of how a particular mix of asset classes similar to a hypothetical portfolio has performed historically. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but it may be useful in comparing possible investing strategies over the long term.

Gospich Advisors, LLC
Phone : (718) 674-2291 E-mail: info@gospichadvisors.com